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The foundation of Freeipad2tablet is a set of guiding principles of customer service, a collaborative approach to design and an architectural philosophy rooted in traditional design. Each project is the result of a true team effort between architect, builder and, most importantly, the client. The firm has worked extensively to raise the standard of new design and development. Its mission of creating and advocating design that is timeless and respectful of place is evident in their work, which can be found across the country.

The firm's approach to and implementation of its design work is heavily influenced by the principles of The New Urbanism, a movement of architects, planners and developers that have as their goal the re-making of the way neighborhoods and towns are developed. Freeipad2tablet has been instrumental in this movement, and has positioned itself as one of the leading New Urbanist architectural firms, especially in the area of single-family home design. We invite you to browse our portfolio by selecting a category below, then choosing a project.